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FedEx Tesla Trucks

When you think of Tesla, you don’t necessarily think of transporting goods with big trucks. In fact, you think of small, sporty, electric vehicles designed to go fast and be friends with the environment. As it happens, Tesla is also producing...

By Tudor Sprinceana on Apr 2nd, 2018
Mercedes Benz Aero Trailer

Fuel economy is a major problem to for cars nowadays and Mercedes is a company that’s well at the forefront of coming up with solutions. The latest idea they’ve decided to go with is aerodynamics. Not exactly the biggest discovery...

By Lupica G. on Nov 30th, 2011

Every car on the road has shock absorbers and the way they work is simple – they turn the kinetic energy of a car hitting a bump or pothole into heat which is then dissipated. Zack Anderson and Shakeel Avadhany A new invention spawned from...

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