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2013 Range Rover tows Airstream

There’s so much to talk about when it comes to the Range Rover. From history to current existence, it has always had something special. Often feeling like it has its own spot in the market, reviewers have waxed lyrical about it. Some have...

By Lupica G. on Jan 4th, 2013
Nissan Leaf

Nissan is waving the white flag on the Leaf’s US situation. They are not killing it off. They are however rethinking selling it. The TV commercial wars and the constant stabs at the way the Chevrolet Volt also has a traditional internal...

By Lupica G. on Dec 18th, 2012
Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 by Ferrari

As unlikely marriages go, you have stripper and octogenarian, Calvin Klein model and octogenarian and the Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 and Ferrari. Wait, what? Precisely, it seems like in an effort to leech on to the marketing fountain that is Maranello,...

By Lupica G. on Feb 2nd, 2012
Nissan Juke-R

The Nissan Juke-R is one of the rare projects of the automotive industry. A group of enthusiasts at Nissan UK built it for themselves to try and us to enjoy. As Autoblog reports however, the new Juke-R project isn’t to everybody’s...

By Lupica G. on Dec 9th, 2011
Blues Brothers Chevrolet Cruze

As one of the decent rated movies of all times, most of us still remember the unique feel of the Blues Brothers, especially since some consider it of importance to car fans. It’s those fans that Chevrolet is trying to capitalize with a...

By Lupica G. on Aug 30th, 2011
2012 Hyundai Veloster

I guess that making the Hyundai Velostar as unnaturally fun as it is, was a little too ambitious for the Koreans on some level. According to a few recent reports, while thrilled at the relatively weird four door setup with different side profiles,...

By Lupica G. on Jun 25th, 2011
Aston Martin Virage

Petrolheads around the world ca now rejoice as the British at Aston Martin have unveiled a new car and it’s called the Virage. Aston Martin Virage Before you start taking pictures of it to the lavatory I should mention that the surprise...

By Lupica G. on Feb 23rd, 2011
Porsche Diesel engine

Unlike the chaps at Volvo who keep banging on about hybrids for the U.S. market, the Germans are considering the oil-burning version of fuel saving. Porsche Diesel engine In an attempt to meet the North American demand for fuel-efficient cars...

By Lupica G. on Jan 24th, 2011
The Audi Spectacle

It seems that when it comes to knowing what you’re paying for, Audi definitely got that done with their marketing department. The Audi Spectacle After their “Nothing sticks like Quattro” here they just came up with another...

By Lupica G. on Oct 7th, 2010