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Lamborghini Releases Urus Accessories to Match the Vehicle

The Lamborghini Urus is without a doubt one of the most interesting models the Italian automaker has released so far. It is as beautiful as it is innovative. With this in mind, the folks over at Lamborghini decided to team up with different...

By Tudor Sprinceana on Dec 15th, 2017
Lamborghini Launches the 641HP Urus SUV

Without a doubt, Lamborghini is one of the best known supercar manufacturers. With this in mind it is rather surprising to see Lamborghini launch an SUV model. The Lamborghini Urus SUV seems to be a combination between a Lamborghini supercar...

Lamborghini Urus Concept

We’ve seen the Lamborghini Urus concept for the first time in 2012 and we were expecting more details about a possible production variant. Today, Maurizio Reggiani, which is the Lamborghini Research & Development Director, shared more...

By rikk on Sep 2nd, 2014
Lamborghini Urus Concept

In a few years, there will be not one relevant car maker that won’t offer in its lineup at least one SUV, and the Italian car maker Lamborghini is no exception. For them, the SUV already has a name and even a concept, which was presented...

By Andrei Cristea on Apr 21st, 2014
Lamborghini Urus concept

Stephan Winkelmann, CEO at Lamborghini, officially declared that the Urus, a concept unveiled in world premiere ahead of the 2012 Beijing Motor Show will enter production. He said that the Urus crossover is not a priority for now but it will...

By rikk on Sep 25th, 2013
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