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2012 Rolls Royce Ghost Qatar Edition

For all the hate and inappropriateness that most folks are talking about when it comes to the Rolls Royce Ghost I love it. It genuinely is a brilliant car, it’ based on a brilliant car and then updated much further to showcase just how...

By Lupica G. on Sep 25th, 2012
Jeep Wrangler Freedom Edition

For all the recent updates the Jeep Wrangler has been getting it’s still an aging motor that can go mostly only go off-road. It also gets most of its sales based on the fact that it’s cool, which is why Jeep keep coming up with new...

By Lupica G. on Jul 1st, 2012
Nissan GT-R Track Pack Edition

Osteopaths get ready, that special Track Pack version of the Nissan GT-R sports car has begun completing deliveries to the hardcore customers that ordered them. For the time being, both deliveries and orders are limited to the UK market. I’d...

By Lupica G. on Apr 27th, 2012
Opel Corsa Kaleidoscope edition

Special edition, a term that was originally penned for some of the most exclusive and expensive cars out there is something we get to see ever more often on exactly the opposite. The latest such example comes from the Germans at Opel who’ve...

By Lupica G. on Feb 13th, 2012
Audi S8 Superior Grey Edition by Anderson Germany

The Germans have recently unveiled a new version of the Audi A8 but there’s plenty of fans of the previous, D3, generation out there. Among them we find infamous tuners, Anderson Germany, who’ve recently unveiled the Audi S8 Superior...

By Lupica G. on Dec 12th, 2011
Volvo C70 Inscription edition

The upcoming Los Angeles Motor Show is starting to unveil its most important models to ever be unveiled there and, to start with, Volvo will be there with a special edition of the C70. Those hoping for the uglier extra door version of the C30...

By Lupica G. on Nov 8th, 2011
2011 Mercedes-Benz Viano Avantgarde Edition 125

Even though we all consider Mercedes-Benz as a luxury brand, they do exist as a commercial vehicle maker as well and weirdly enough, they’re not the most luxurious choice. 2011 Mercedes-Benz Viano Avantgarde Edition 125 The Mercedes-Benz...

By Lupica G. on Mar 6th, 2011
2012 Lexus LFA Nurburgring Edition

The high priced and more luxurious relative of the Toyota family has announced that they are preparing to hit the Geneva Motor Show with a vengeance. 2012 Lexus LFA Nurburgring Edition That’s because it’ll be that show, the one where...

By Lupica G. on Feb 10th, 2011
Citroen AirCross

The newest Citroen, the AirCross, was introduced by Citroen Brazil and it is a crossover. It is a crossover that looks remarkably similar to the C3 Picasso it’s based on because there aren’t really that many differences between them. Citroen...

By Lupica G. on Apr 5th, 2010
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