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G-Power tuner is still coming back into our attention in different tuning projects, the latest one showcasing an E90 BMW M3 pushing the metal to the pedal and reaching 340 km/h in a blasting time. This means that the model comes equipped with...

By Eduard Huma on Sep 11th, 2016

BMW is still celebrating 30 years of hardcore models in the segment and has also brought the BMW M3 “30 Jahe” limited edition in South Africa, at the 2016 Festival of Motoring. Only 30 units will be available for this region. As expected,...

By Eduard Huma on Sep 4th, 2016
2013 Audi RS4 Avant

The future RS4 from Audi is reported to sport a six-cylinder turbocharged engine, as soon as the model will hit the market. The Audi car manufacturer wants to follow the footsteps of its top competitors like the BMW M3 and M4, to equip its RS4...

By Eduard Huma on Feb 23rd, 2014
BMW M3 Coupe by Manhart Racing

Manhart Racing presented a comprehensive tuning package for the BMW M3 Coupe, a model also known as E92. The German model got a new heart, namely the 4.4-liter V8 engine found under the bonnet of the BMW X6 M. BMW M3 Coupe by Manhart Racing At...

By rikk on Dec 28th, 2011
BMW E90 M3 Ring Taxi

The Nurburgring is hailed the Mecca for all people who are petrolheads, performance enthusiasts, aspiring racers or speed freaks. Obviously, if you’re at all serious about your driving, you have to go to the Nurburgring at least once in...

By Lupica G. on Jun 10th, 2011
BMW M3 racer

For a company with as much tradition in terms of sporting behavior and driving focus, BMW’s return to the DTM is something very serious. BMW M3 racer To this respect the Bavarians don’t really want to play around and they decided...

By Lupica G. on Mar 10th, 2011

Lots of good news came in the beginning of the year from most of the automotive manufacturers, but the greatest of results came from low cost oriented manufacturers. BMW X5M Among the important successes it made proper sense to enjoy how some...

By Lupica G. on Feb 3rd, 2011
BMW M3 Racer

Enjoying their success at endurance racing and their achievements overall the Bavarians decided to return to the German Touring Car Masters and they’ve just made this announcement public. BMW M3 Racer BMW will make a return to the German...

By Lupica G. on Oct 15th, 2010
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