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Nissan Leaf

Nissan might not want to throw in the towel with the Leaf EV, but their ambitions have been definitely thwarted. Meanwhile the Volt is on a roll. Chevrolet’s much hated, politically bashed and often criticized electric effort with a range...

By Lupica G. on Jan 5th, 2013
2012 Jaguar XF

Own a Jaguar XF? Is it a 2010-2012 modelyear? We may have some pretty bad news for you, or great news, depending on what problems you’ve had with. After an investigation into this model, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration...

By Lupica G. on Nov 9th, 2012
2012 Chevrolet Captiva Sport

Chevrolet’s Captiva may have been out for a while but it’s still a relatively new car, most of them haven’t even been broken into. A few however have been put through some serious miles and they are now even getting a recall...

By Lupica G. on Jul 8th, 2012
Jeep Wrangler Freedom Edition

For all the recent updates the Jeep Wrangler has been getting it’s still an aging motor that can go mostly only go off-road. It also gets most of its sales based on the fact that it’s cool, which is why Jeep keep coming up with new...

By Lupica G. on Jul 1st, 2012
2012 Seat Toledo

The Germans Spanish at Seat have officially unveiled their new Toledo compact sedan. It may seem like an awful mistake to call the Spanish Germans but I reckon it’s fair when we all know that the new Toledo is just all Volkswagen. 2012...

By Lupica G. on Jun 25th, 2012
2012 Seat Toledo

The Seat owners community managed to get a hold of some very interesting pictures. They’re allegedly the first ever official photos of the 2012 Toledo. The Toledo is a compact sedan with quite a bit of tradition for the Spanish car maker...

By Lupica G. on Jun 16th, 2012
2012 Toyota Prius

The recent issues of the automotive industry, the fallbacks in most segments, the removal of incentives from most countries and so on have produced less than impressive sales results worldwide. Just about every manufacturer can claim that 2012...

By Lupica G. on May 29th, 2012
Tesla Model S

Here’s a twist for those who know the ways of the electric car launch, Tesla is going to start delivering the Model S earlier than expected. We haven’t really kept track of the original schedule or the delays they’ve been involved...

By Lupica G. on May 12th, 2012
2012 Ford Focus ST

Regardless of the standards you use to verify this, the Chinese car market is an enormous one. Well, maybe some conditions don’t really apply here. Though exclusive cars have sold here, performance ones aren’t really the name of...

By Lupica G. on Apr 13th, 2012
2013 Ferrari California

As the Geneva Motor Show draws ever closer to opening its doors, manufacturers have started unveiling or previewing some of the models they will be showcasing there. Ferrari is expected to draw attention with other ideas, so they’ve gotten...

By Lupica G. on Feb 16th, 2012
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