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No matter how passionate, loving and careful you are with your car and how much you enjoy driving it during your holidays or taking it to road trips or how much you hate it when it gets stuck in the traffic every morning, it is true that there are times when renting a car is the best and most practical option.

If you are new to car renting, you are probably unfamiliar to car rental insurance services, which means that you can easily make a mistake when choosing an insurance policy. In this article, we’ll explore the most common mistakes that renters make and how you can avoid them.

You Leave the Decision to the Last Moment

There are many car rental insurance options available in the moment and exploring them, understanding the small letter and looking for hidden costs or coverage limitations may not be easy or a quick thing to do. That said, leaving that decision for the last minute is not a good idea.

Start evaluating the alternatives at hand as soon as you know you’ll be visiting a car rental agency. Surf the web, look for referrals… ask questions! The more info you have, the easier it will be to make sure that you get the get the coverage you need for the best possible price for your budget.

You Let the Guy At the Rental Company Convince You

The guy behind the desk at the car rental company is there to sell you something. He is a salesman and he knows how to trick you into thinking that they can offer the one and only policy that you need. Even though this may be true in some cases, it is also true that he may not be providing you all the information you deserve.

In most cases, their insurance policy is super expensive and skyrockets the daily fee of your insurance, which can definitely blow up your budget if you’ll be driving the car for more than just a few days.

In order to avoid feeling pressed to make a fast decision, study your options first.

You Forget About Third Party Car Rental Damage Insurance Companies

With the growing interest in rental cars, there’s been a surge of companies that offer car rental damage insurance policies. Companies like these are usually significantly more affordable and offer ample coverage. Their primary coverage covers basically any damage reason or loss incurred while driving within rental conditions and it can act as your first insurance option in case you need it.

Regular travelers, or frequent car renters may appreciate that many of them offer special discounts for annual policies!

You Sign In The Contract Before Reading It

There are so many exciting things about planning a trip that reading and signing a contract can seem boring. Some car rental agencies may try to deceit you by talking to you about what they offer and their limitations, asking you for the credit card and only once the payment is made you can read the contract and discover the fine print.

It’s important that you ask the agent to allow you to read the contract before you pay so that you can discuss any item you don’t understand or that it is not included and you think it should be.